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Patient A

I was 25 when my hair started thinning at the back. I started using regaine, but I wasn't comfortable using those chemicals in the long term. All my hair fell out in 2009 when I got sick, so I wanted to do something about it. My confidence started to drop; I was younger, so I was more stressed about it and very self-conscious in case anyone would say something. I decided to get a hair transplant after the hair fell out. It was stressful because it all happened so quickly, so I wasn't comfortable just shaving my head. I made the decision to go ahead after meeting Dr. Van Eeden and his team, as I trusted them.

I was 36 when I went through with the transplant. It was worth the money both personally and financially, as it's a permanent solution to hair loss and doesn't involve time consuming or costly maintenance or products. My confidence improved because I know it's permanent and it looks completely natural. The quality of what I have had done is excellent. I would like it to be a bit thicker, but that will come with time and a few more procedures. Nothing would discourage me from getting another hair transplant, but I'm sure cost is an issue for most people. For me it's a worthwhile investment. In fact I intend to get another done this November!

I knew Dr. Van Eeden and knew he was a good surgeon, so I was confident he would do a good job. The clinic is perfect and very comfortable. It has all the amenities you could possibly need. It's completely professional and I felt at ease while I was there. The day itself flies by and the team takes good care of the patient, regularly checking to make sure you are okay. I found the whole experience very efficient, friendly, down to earth and professional.

The consultations were great. Dr. Van Eden knows his stuff and is very reliable, so I fully trusted his opinions and recommendations. The consultation was a very valuable experience and very educational because you learn a lot about the whole process and so you understand everything as it happens. Dr. Van Eeden's extensive qualifications played a part in my decision-making; it's one of the most important factors because you want it to be a good job and to look as natural as possible with no complications.

The surgical facilities are top-class and everything is kept clean and sterile. The team is excellent. Everyone is very professional and do what they need to do to make sure the procedure goes smoothly and successfully. I always felt safe because Dr. Van Eeden keeps checking to make sure you are okay and takes any steps that need to be taken to make the whole process is as painless and stress-free as possible. The surgery flew by and it was painless. I felt at ease the whole time and was never nervous or worried at any stage. I'd say the only painful parts are the initial injections to numb the nerves in the temple, but you don't feel anything after that. It's a lot less painful than you expect because Dr. Van Eeden takes his time to reduce any discomfort during the whole process.

I have had both the FUT and FUE procedures. In 2010 I had 600 follicles inserted using FUT, in 2011 I had 1000 follicles using the FUE technique, and again in 2012 I had a further 2000 follicles via FUE. The FUE is the only procedure I would have done again. There is too much preparation work and post-op healing with the FUT. The FUE is much less invasive and there is no scarring; there is no comparison, FUE is far superior to the FUT.

The recovery from the FUE is fast. The donor area heals quickly and there is no discomfort sleeping on it. The area transplanted with the follicles doesn't hurt at all, with hardly any swelling, so you heal and recover from the whole procedure over a weekend. The FUT is a lot more painful, with a large wound in the back of the head to heal, which means much more difficulty sleeping for at least a week. I was able to return to work within a week, the great after care probably helped. I was offered lots of help in relation to what to do to make the recovery painless, and to avoid damaging the transplanted follicles. Dr. Van Eeden is always available if you have any questions.

I would recommend the clinic to my friends, and in fact, upon my recommendation, my brother has had a procedure done there too!


I had the FUE procedure. I'm really very pleased about my hair now! I was 67 years old when I got the transplant. I first noticed my hair loss in my twenties and from then on it was gradual. My confidence definitely dropped as I began loosing my hair. I felt I needed a transplant as over the years my hair had become very thin. I finally chose to get the transplant because I was always thinking about my hair loss. My confidence greatly improved after my transplant. I can say without a doubt, that it was a valuable investment, personally and financially.

My initial reaction to the clinic was that it was friendly. I found the first consultation very informative and very instructive. Dr. Van Eeden's knowledge was most re-assuring. The surroundings were very comfortable and the service most efficient.

My day at the clinic was problem free. I felt safe at all times. I thought the surgical team were very accommodating, reassuring, knowledgeable, professional and above all friendly. My surgery went without any problems. The procedure was not painful at all. I did find the recovery a little slow. However, I experienced an extremely attentive after care service. Without a doubt I would recommend the clinic to a friend. All my friends say it's the best thing I ever did!

Patient B

By my early 20's my hair loss started to become noticeable, there was no particular defining moment. I think I really intentionally planned to proceed with a transplant when I saw an advert for Dr. Van Eeden's Clinic by chance. I kind of made my mind up and said; ok make a consultation and get even small amount of hair transplanted. It did affect my confidence. Most people who say it doesn't affect their confidence are lying. You start to feel older and feel as though you are missing something from your appearance. I did a little research. Over the course of a few years I had looked at many alternative solutions to transplant but none of them were worthwhile. I then decided to consider FUE, which I discovered on the internet. Looking at the before and after pics gave me a good feeling about the procedure in general and I decided that it would probably be the best long-term solution. I felt it would bring some confidence back into my life and also help me feel a bit younger looking.

A year or two prior to my procedure I was determined to get an FUE Transplant. I had informed myself via online research. I came across an ad for Dr. Van Eeden's Clinic in a magazine and decided to make a consultation. After the consultation I decided to proceed. I was 34 at the time. My confidence definitely rose afterwards. I feel younger and get no more jokes from people about being bald! You cannot put a price on feeling good about yourself, so it was worth every penny. My intention is to get at least one more procedure and I will evaluate at a later stage if I may consider another. I would like to give further enhancement to my current transplant. My only concerns would be recovery, after op- discomfort and price. I am very happy with my hair now, although I could possibly do with a little more to the temple areas for additional enhancement. I can actually style it now, which when I was totally thin on top, was not an option.

I choose Dr. Van Eeden as I was very pleased with the pre-op consultation and got a very good impression of the clinic's competence to carry out the procedure. My first impression of the clinic was very positive. I felt it was professional, with comfortable surroundings. I was a little nervous prior to the operation but after a short while I was made to feel very comfortable and at home, due to their efficient service. My first consultation went well. Dr. Van Eeden spent a good time with the examination procedure and discussed in detail the available options. It was a valuable and educational for me. Dr. Van Eeden demonstrated a great insight into hair-loss and knowledge of transplant procedures. I felt that he wasn't just somebody who is involved in this area simply for profit, but somebody who takes this area of medicine very seriously. That gave me the confidence to decide to go with his clinic for the transplant.

The facilities were very good and modern. The surgical team were very professional and friendly. During the procedure I really felt at ease with them. I had no reason to be anxious during the transplant. Having the procedure was relaxing. The day went quickly and I was able to watch a bit of Rugby on the TV towards the end, which was great! On the whole, the procedure was pain-free. Having the areas to the front done was a little uncomfortable though. I didn't really know what type of pain to expect, as it was my first time having such a procedure done. The days after were probably the worst, when the areas from which the hairs were extracted began to heal. I had the FUE procedure, and if I was to go again it would still be FUE over the FUT.

Recovery for me was a bit painful. I got headaches for a couple of weeks after but they gradually faded. The maintenance of the scalp area with proper washing and spraying was also a bit cumbersome. I think the elation you feel when you finally have a new hairline supersedes the recovery discomfort though. The aftercare was good. I went into the clinic a couple of days after the procedure and the staff removed the bandages and gave me reassurance on what to expect over the following weeks. I went back to work 10 days after the surgery. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the clinic to somebody else.


PROCEDURE: Eyebrow transplants

I first noticed my hair loss in my forties, while in the shower. The defining moment for me was when others began to comment or notice. My confidence dropped and I felt quite self- conscious about it. I felt I needed a transplant because I was becoming anxious about how it looked; I was very aware of the bald areas. My reaction to the clinic was very positive. It was professional and welcoming. Dr Van Eeden was kind and attentive, as well as knowledgeable at my first consultation.

During this consult I learned about my options and was given information on my condition. Dr. van Eeden's qualifications and experience gave me the confidence to move forward with the procedure.

I was fifty when I got the FUE eyebrow procedure. My confidence improved after the transplant, but it takes time to grow in and not look 'planted'. I felt it was a worthwhile investment on both a personal and financial level. Any surgery is difficult; 3 weeks minimum are needed for recovery. Maintaining normal routines was awkward without drawing attention to the fact that I'd had a hair transplant. I had a second procedure to fill in areas. I feel better about my hair now, but it's a work in progress. It will take time to grow and thicken. On the day, the clinic staff made a great effort to make me comfortable and relaxed.

Everything was well organised and ran efficiently. I found the service very efficient and well prepared, and the clinic very comfortable. Dr Van Eeden's equipment and surgery suite are quite impressive. I found the surgical team experienced, friendly and good humoured! Procedures are long but they remain cheerful and upbeat. I always felt safe and confident that I was in good hands. The surgery wasn't painful, but then I slept for most of it! The recovery period was longer and more uncomfortable than I'd expected but the actual surgery wasn't too painful.

The recovery was slower than I'd expected. It took time for the swelling and bruising to subside. It wasn't too painful, but was quite uncomfortable. I had to return to work after 3 weeks; I would have preferred a week or so longer for recovery. The aftercare was very good. I was given clear care instructions and materials to use. I was also contacted at home by the team to ask about my recovery and check-up visits with Dr Van Eeden were organised.

I would recommend the clinic to friends. The Dr and the team are very considerate and caring, as well as professional and knowledgeable.

Patient I

It became clear to me at the age of 21 that I was losing my hair. I remember being caught out in a rain shower and my head was different colors where areas had become lighter. My confidence immediately dropped enormously. I did a massive amount of research online and felt that to restore my confidence a transplant was the way to go. I didn't want to simply “learn to live with it”. I decided to sort the issue myself and get a transplant. At 28 years old I decided to get the transplant done; almost immediately my confidence rose; I felt it was definitely worth the financial investment and I will look to get another one in the future. I actually had my first procedure at a different clinic, but I was not satisfied with the results, for my second procedure Dr Van Eeden's enthusiasm and the competitive pricing were the key in my decision-making.

On arriving, my initial reaction was that the clinic was well organized and very busy; the surroundings were great and very comfortable. My first consultation with Dr. Van Eeden was great and very encouraging. I found it educational. Dr. Van Eeden's experience and qualifications played a part of course. It was my fourth consultation in as many months (I had tried a few other places), but the first one where I actually got to spend time with a surgeon.

I found the facilities at the clinic perfect. The staff were excellent and very friendly. I felt at ease at all times and was never nervous. The day of the surgery itself was fine for me. I would say my experience was great. In fact, I enjoyed the rest. The procedure was not in the least bit painful at all. I had the FUE procedure and would only contemplate getting FUE again.

The recovery went fine, pretty much what I expected. I returned to work after 10 days. I found the aftercare great. I really liked the carboxy visits for the following 6 months. It was good for staff to follow my progress. I would recommend the clinic to anybody.


The hair in my eyebrows started to fall out in my late teens, early 20's. This really knocked my confidence. I tried everything to grow them back, but nothing was happening. I reached a point where I was unable to go for facials due to feeling so self conscious about my eyebrows. This, coupled with seeing the hair loss worsening each year, prompted me to start researching solutions and options.

I chose the HR Institute because I was impressed by previous clients testimonials, the cost and Dr. Van Eeden's qualifications. He was so friendly and encouraging. He was very confident that he could help me and spoke of other eyebrow transplants he had done on women.

The treatment plan was discussed in detail during the first consultation and the possible causes, hair loss pattern discussed and Dr Sam explained to me why I am classified as a Norwood 4.

Dr. Sam confirmed that a result with a natural appearance and restoration of the hairline was possible. This will improve my aesthetic appearance and for the first time I felt liberated to be honest and not guilty thinking of a hair transplant as a remedy to my medical problem and not just being vain.

The aftercare was exceptional. The first 48-­56 hours after the procedure were uncomfortable because so much hair was needed to be taken from the donor area and it's location at the back of my head meant lying on a pillow was awkward, but otherwise nothing I couldn't handle. I returned to work 10 days after the procedure.

I was pleasantly surprised with the clinic. It was nice, warm and homely, which made me feel comfortable. The atmosphere was informal yet they maintain a professional service. I was thoroughly looked after.

The surgical facilities were clean and comfortable. And the team was very friendly and professional. I never had a doubt that I was in safe hands. The day flew. The FUE procedure was nice and relaxing. The pain was better than I'd expected. I only had slight discomfort when local anesthetic was being administered. Dr. Van Eeden and his assistants were very engaging and courteous.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the HR Institute to anyone I know. The service is professional, friendly and discreet, from the receptionist to Dr. Van Eeden. I couldn't fault anything. If I had a problem or worry all I had to do was email Dr. Van Eeden or phone and he would get right back to me as soon as possible.

Since getting my eyebrows done it has changed my appearance in such a positive way, which in turn has improved my self confidence in how I look. I love it!

Patient G

It was at the age of 29 that I began to really notice my hair loss. In many ways there was no 'one' moment for me. I had comments from people since I was around 25 about a bald patch forming but didn't really take much notice as I thought I had loads of hair to lose. When people kept making comments I eventually became paranoid. I remember one or two occasions when I felt humiliated and people were laughing at my expense. I would say my confidence really dropped. I began to feel self-conscious in crowds, and even going outdoors in the wind and rain. Meeting new people or people I had not seen in ages began to become uncomfortable. When I went into work or a pub I began to constantly check myself in the mirror to see how my hair looked. I knew that it would look worse in situations where there was harsh light. So when I was trying to meet girls I would avoid bright pubs. My hair loss was literally affecting my life and my decisions.

I did loads of research into hair loss, and even tried different methods. I began taking minoxidil, shampoos, oral treatments, and I even purchased a laser comb, but after a year or so I realised that it was having no effect and I had lost even more hair and spent over a grand in the process…

I felt I needed a transplant to restore my confidence. I knew I would never be happy with losing my hair. On one occasion a group of friends had a bald app on their phones, and they all found it hilarious when they took a picture of me and looked at what I would look like with no hair. This was what was coming down the tracks for me if I did nothing and I didn't like the thought of it. I felt that a transplant could be a way of getting back what I previously had. I saw a transplant as a realistic option that could work, unlike the 'snake oil' promises I'd previously tried.

I did some further research and eventually met with Dr. Van Eeden after seeing an advert of his clinic on TV. After he went though my particular balding issues and what was possible I felt assured that I could trust him and his team. I had met other companies and always felt they cared more about money than the individual. Dr. Van Eeden put me in touch with a few former clients and from their testimonials I knew this was something viable for me.

I was 35 when I got the procedure and felt better nearly straight away. Two weeks after I had the operation I went to the European Football Championships in Poland. Even though my head was shaved it looked as if I had decided to shave it and not that it was forced upon me because I was going bald. The most obvious example of my new found confidence was being able to go up to girls and chat to them without being self-conscious. I felt years younger. I hadn't ever felt that good about myself. I thought I had lost something that for years I took for granted and to be given it back overnight was one of the best feelings ever. I had comments from women in the past regarding my hair, but since the transplant I feel I had more success and even compliments regarding my hair. I don't have nagging doubts in my head anymore. If I'm honest I feel more relaxed. I was constantly on edge for a few years, always thinking there was a comment about to come my way (especially around people who felt they could say things).

If I felt I was losing hair again I would consider getting another transplant. I have a better understanding of the realities and that it is a constant battle. I am now more aware of hair loss issues and with the help of Dr. van Eeden I am more able to tackle these issues. If I thought I was going to go back to where I was (bald), and knowing how that feels and how much a transplant helped me, I'm not sure there is anything that would discourage me from getting another one if I needed it. If I didn't have the money I would make it my business to save for it.

Today, I feel absolutely brilliant. When I look at pictures that were taken before and the way it looks now, the difference is quite amazing. It is almost 2 years since I first approached Dr. Van Eeden, and if I hadn't done anything about it I would now more than likely have lost most of the hair on the top of my head and would more than likely have to shave it all off. Now, I can style my hair however I like.

I was quite impressed from the moment I met Dr. Van Eeden. His manner and honesty was refreshing. I had been to other clinics and had been promised the world, but at the forefront of my mind was the idea they were after my money. Dr. Van Eeden showed me photos of former clients and even though I am always aware you can do a lot with the right lighting, etc, to make it look like there is more hair that there may appear to be, he explained it so well I knew what he was saying was true. He was realistic and straightforward in what he said to me. I knew I was in safe hands with Dr. van Eeden's impressive qualifications. I had heard some horror stories of people getting massive scarring from FUT. When Dr. Van Eeden said he was using the new method of FUE, I knew this was the way I wanted to proceed.

From my initial meeting with Dr. van Eeden, to subsequent correspondences, I felt assured that what he was offering was the real deal. He also put me in touch with other clients that had the treatment. I was convinced that HRI was the right company to go with after hearing their feedback. I felt it was very professional. Everyone was very approachable. I also felt that Dr. van Eeden was very forward thinking in terms of dealing with hair loss and using treatments like Carboxy to help the final outcome.

I felt extremely comfortable during my time at the clinic. Everything from the staff to the waiting rooms and treatments rooms felt right. I felt very comfortable the day of the procedure. I was put at ease immediately, and everyone that was working on my treatment was very nice. I was told exactly what was happening at every point, from being shown the hairs after they had been removed to the reinsertion of them.

I went in very early and was home by 9 o'clock that night. I was talked through each process very clearly so I knew what to expect. The team worked very quickly and put me completely as ease.

I thought the surgical facilities were very comfortable. The day flew by and was relatively pain free. I sat watching the Heineken cup final while the hairs were being re-inserted. The surgical team were fantastic. I couldn't have had a better experience with them. The whole time I was there I never felt uneasy. When I was brought over to see the hairs that had been taken out, I felt like I was being included which put me further at ease.

I remember the procedure being pretty much pain free, even after the hairs had been taken out and I came around. It was nice to be able to sit up and chat while the team were busy working away on putting the hairs back in. It actually surprised me how little pain there was. I expected it to be far worse, so it wasn't a problem. Dr. Van Eeden had explained that it wouldn't be too bad, but I still imagined it to be far worse.

I had FUE, and to be honest, this was one of the selling points that totally convinced me to go with Dr. van Eeden. It seemed like a progressive treatment, that left no scarring. I am glad I went FUE over FUT. If I had to choose again I would without a doubt go FUE.

I must admit, the first few days and the following week were quite painful, especially sleeping, but I knew it was just a matter of getting through those few days. I did get big spots on the back of my head for the next month or so, but these eventually vanished. It was a small price to pay for what I'd had done.

I had the surgery on the Saturday and I went back to work a week later on the Monday. I told people I was sunburned on the back of my head (it was still a bit red which took another week or so to calm down completely). I also told people I had shaved my head for the summer, so no one said anything.

Dr. Van Eeden gave some very good tips and I followed these to the letter. I am sure this helped. I went back every month for the following 6-8 months for carboxy, and now I go every 2-3 months. It's great to keep in touch and see if everything is still going to plan.I have kept it very secret and have not told any of my friends or family. The reason for this is that I feel if I tell one person then behind my back everyone will eventually find out. I have seen this happen to someone who had breast implants and was under the impression nobody knew when in fact everyone did. I have since had comments from people about how good my hair looks and how I must be on Rogaine, etc, but I have laughed them off. Guys will use anything to get under your skin, so I don't feel like giving them ammunition.

I have told my girlfriend. This was only after 8-9 months of going out (I cannot say for sure she would have gone out with me if I had very thinning hair. Part of me feels this may have put her off on the first date). The only other person is one of my work colleagues who is losing his hair. I saw he was having difficulty coming to terms with it, so I have confided in him and told him what I had done and my experience with Dr. van Eeden. He was stunned to see before and after photos and is now in the process of doing something about it. I have also spoken to people who Dr. Van Eeden put me in touch with. I would have no problem in talking to anyone I think could benefit from the procedure. In my experience only they can truly understand what it means to lose your hair and how it affects you psychologically.

Patient K

I had just returned from a trip abroad when I noticed distinctive itch on my head followed by some loss around the temple regions. I was only 19 at the time and it began to affect my confidence but I didn't think it was too serious yet. I had suspected hair loss from the itch and had been keeping an eye on it. However in my mid-twenties having been assuming my hair loss was still limited to the frontal regions. I was shocked when a well taken photo on a friends phone revealed the extent of my hair loss. This left my confidence at a very low point. I did research online, and looked at various so called “cures” but from reading online I became aware that the only real solution to my hair loss was a transplant.

I felt I needed a transplant as my social life was hampered by my hair loss, I felt I didn't have the confidence to talk to women because of it. This lead to my confidence dropping again which left me more unable to talk to women, it became a horrible cycle.

At the age of 28 I decided to go through with the transplant I made a consultation with Dr. van Eeden after reading some very positive reviews online and was so glad I did. The first consultation went well. I felt much more informed afterwards. The information that Dr. van Eeden gave me let me see the options I could look at, I decided that this was the clinic for me so I booked my procedure. The clinic itself I found to be small but very professional and personal. After the consultation I went online again I compared the price Dr. van Eeden quoted me with other clinics in Ireland and abroad, the competitive price and extensive qualifications made my decision for me. The day of the transplant itself went by in no time, I slept pretty much right through the procedure and it seemed to go by very quickly as a result. I felt a slight pain but it was a lot less than what I was expecting, I slept through most of the procedure so I didn't really notice any pain, the few times I woke up I was aware of a mild pain. The clinic was comfortable & the clinic team were very welcoming and professional, any questions I had they were quick to answer, any thing I needed they provided. The facilities were good and the surgical team were very professional...

The recovery went fine. There was some pain in the donor area for a couple of weeks afterwards that made it difficult to sleep on it but after that the recovery was fine. Full complete recovery takes a long time and is gradual though there was no pain after a couple of weeks. There was never any real pain in the recipient area just itchiness. I returned to work after 10 days though would have preferred to have left it for another week.The aftercare was very good and Dr Sam and his team were always interested in following my progress.

I felt that getting a hair transplant was a valuable investment and I would consider another if I needed one. My hair has improved a lot. However I have still not gotten what I would consider my final result from the transplant but continuous new growth is noticeable. Crown regions not transplanted have also improved which was a surprise to me.

I had the FUE procedure, I would not even consider the FUT, if I were to make my decision again I would definitely go with the FUE. I would recommend this clinic to family & friends, Dr van Eeden has extensive experience and knowledge and the cost is competitive.

Patient O

I remember distinctly returning home from getting my hair cut and noticing that I was losing hair, I was only 19 at the time so it hit me hard. People would think I was much older than I was, it affected my confidence and my social life. I started to do research into hair loss, I was spending about 10 hours a week online looking at possible solutions. I wanted a hair transplant badly, there was nothing that prompted me I just needed to get it done. Through my research I came across Dr. van Eeden, his extensive qualifications and experience made it an easy decision to come to HRI. No other doctor in Ireland had such high qualifications.

I was 23 when I finally had my treatment done, it definitely helped my confidence I felt it was a very valuable investment and now I feel so happy about my new hair now. I must admit I was actually surprised at the level of professionalism at the clinic, from the outside it looks small, but once inside the surroundings are magnificent I felt so comfortable. After my first consultation I felt so relieved, to finally know that there was something that could be done, it just took a weight off my chest, I hadn't even had the treatment yet but already I was beginning to feel better. I felt educated coming out of the consultation knowing what I was going to have to do on a personal basis and what the clinic would do for me. The day was relaxing and comfortable with a very efficient service.

The clinic facilities were great, the team was very friendly and I definitely felt safe and in good hands at all time. For my procedure itself I don't remember much, I was asleep for most of it. I didn't feel any pain, a little bit uncomfortable maybe but no pain. It was much less than I expected, I thought it would be quite sore but with the anaesthetic it was a breeze.

I thought the recovery was very easy, a few days relaxing in bed, it was only one week before I was able to return to work. Dr. van Eeden and the staff were very good with the aftercare, Dr. van Eeden himself phoned me to see how I was recovering. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who asked me, they helped change my life and made a big difference to my confidence.

Patient F

I first started losing my hair when I was in my late teens. My dad has kept his hair so it came as a devastating shock to me as I always thought I would always have my hair. When I was about 24/25 I was at the beach with friends, my girlfriend started to put suncream on my head, I was shocked but she said my head was burning with the sun, this was a defining moment for me, it hurt no doubt about it to be told that in front of my friends, it really made me think. My confidence dropped immensely every time I looked in a mirror I couldn't help noticing my hair loss.

I started to look online for a remedy, I am not a fan of medications I tend to avoid chemicals if possible so I didn't want to try and fad shampoo or daily drug. I read about special hats, about ancient chinese techniques, change of diet, lotions & potions, I heard that acupuncture can help. There was an endless list of so called remedies but none appealed to me and in fact none seemed to actually work. I started to look into transplants as a option to counter my hair-loss and I was intrigued. I joint a support forum and began looking at surgeons. Wayne Rooney getting his done probably helped a lot of people, it was no longer just actors & models getting this done but sports men and more. I made the decision that a transplant was the way forward, I just had to find out where to get it done. I contacted each and every provider of hair transplants in Ireland and only Dr. van Eeden took the time to reply himself, for me this was a big factor. So I sent a few emails over and back to him, he was exceedingly friendly and did not try to rush me into making a decision. I booked my consultation my excitement started to build, just the thought of no more baldness was already making me happy.

I was 27 when I got the FUE procedure done. I was quite young but I felt I had no other option, I have always despised the skinhead look, and didn't want the old man hair at my sides look before I was 30, so I went for it. My choices were, looking old, looking like a deviant or getting a transplant I felt I took right option...

My confidence has definitely improved since I got my HT and has been ever since, there are still some times when I look into the mirror and think I could have more, I have already flirted with the idea of getting a 2nd HT but I will leave it until 5 years after my surgery before I make that decision. I definitely think it was the best decision I made in my life, I am so happy with it. With regards financial investment I believe it was worth it. I was unemployed at the time so it was a big gamble for me to spend so much money. I had been saving for a car but I decided I'd rather have hair and drive an old car than be bald and drive a new one. I now have a job which perhaps I wouldn't if I were now bald. Every time I see a bald guy driving a fancy car I shake my head and think "fool you could have hair instead of that"

It is now over a year and a half since my HT and I still feel good about it. I have been a bit apprehensive about my scalp shining through especially with wet hair, but I know from my research that things like seasonal shedding can lead to this. I have contacted Dr. Van Eeden and he has suggested that I look into SMP which he is now offering, from the pictures online it looks like a great complement to any HT.

I choose Dr. Van Eeden basically because he was the only surgeon who responded to my e-mails, I was skeptical at the start walking down Malahide, I had heard a few horror stories about bad transplants and when I couldn't find the clinic my mind began to race. I walked through the door and instantly I was at ease, the clinic interior is beautiful, a really classy place. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who asked me to sit in the exquisite waiting room. The surroundings were extremely comfortable, and very impressive. Dr. Van Eeden spent over an hour and a half during my consultation, which was very educational. His knowledge and passion were outstanding and this helped me make up my mind.

The procedure itself was a breeze, I had to arrive early where I had a quick talk with Dr. Van Eeden, he advised me on the days proceedings and what to expect. I had absolutely no pain whatsoever. I was out for most of it and can't remember much apart from the tasty curry at lunch and selecting which dvd to watch, they showed a movie for the final part (which I fell asleep again for). The staff were all very friendly and accommodating during the day.

My recovery was fine, a bit of trouble sleeping but I bought a travel pillow for around my neck and that helped a great deal. The only painful part of entire procedure was removing the bandage from donor area. Any questions I had Dr van Eeden was quick to reply, he even gave me his mobile number incase he was out of the clinic.

I got the FUE procedure and I would not even contemplate the barbaric FUT, I would have one again as they are a walk in the park. I would not just recommend this clinic to my friends I actively encourage them to get it done, to feel confident in yourself, there is no better feeling and I want to share this with my friends.

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Independent Direct Reference

In a competitive market the HR Institute encourages all prospective clients to avail of our extensive database of Testimonials. We further encourage you to contact our clients who are willing to provide you with a first hand personal reference and testimonial. When you have your first consultation with our Doctor in person or online, our Doctor will provide you with the contact details of clients of similar age and concerns. This is a wonderful opportunity to personally talk to a person who had the treatment done in our Clinic. This person is really in the best position to reference the Doctor, Staff or Clinic and to answer your questions about the service.

Independent ABHRS/IBHRS Questionnaire

As a Diplomate of the ABHRS / IBHRS, Dr van Eeden voluntary takes part in the independent client review program endorsed by the ABHRS / IBHRS. This allows for an independent client review of all aspects of the service and the results directly after the procedure. It also follows regular period interval interviews and questionnaires. This is independently operated to ensure transparency and quality of service. This valuable client assessment forms a valuable reference about all aspects of the consultation, surgical and client services, as well as monitoring the results achieved and expectations met. The results of this are made available on public view.

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