The Hair Restoration Institute has specialised in the FUE graft harvesting technique since 2010. This entails the harvesting of individual follicular units.

Each follicular unit contains one to four hair shafts. The technique has hugely evolved since the development of specialised surgical tools and devices. The HR Surgeon can now execute this very delicate procedure with more accuracy and precision.

The harvesting process is performed with the patient in a comfortable lying or sitting position depending on the area of the donor harvesting.

The follicle unit is a complicated anatomical structure consisting of:
*The Infundibulum: skin on the top (dermis + epidermis)
*The Isthmus (or neck): has a number of very important adnexal structures, including oil producing glands and the bulge, which induces hair growth (not the root of the hair as commonly believed)
*Suprabulbar area: follicle housing the hair shafts. Consists of the inner and outer root sheath
*Bulb: this contains the dermal papillae from which the new hair growth stems

The FUE procedure is far more complicated to execute than the FUT strip procedure. Therefore, this is executed by surgical staff specially trained and experienced in extracting these follicle units with all the above structures intact - as a complete unit. The technical difficulties and surgical skill required by the HR surgeon is on a very different level compared to the much simpler FUT procedure. This is the reason why many doctors do not convert to the FUE procedure.