Modern hair restoration services involve choosing the correct and most appropriate option or combination of options of treatment to secure the best possible result.


"Modern hair restoration entails much more than performing a hair transplant. Both doctor and client should embrace this fact."

Dr. van Eeden Diplomate ABHRS IBHRS

Many doctors do not fully embrace the alternative or additional hair restoration methods and available treatments, and often are too focused on surgical correction. Many patients are also too focused on finding a quick fix, denying themselves the benefits of a long-term treatment plan and helpful treatment options.

The best way to explain the importance of a long-term treatment plan using combination therapies is perhaps to use the example of managing Diabetes. It is not only injecting insulin that controls the sugar levels in the blood. It also entails following a strict diabetic diet, avoiding sugar containing drinks and food types, regularly exercising, visiting the doctor and doing regular health checks. Taking only the Insulin, most likely, will never control the Diabetes. Using the additional treatment modalities makes all the difference. These treatments are very powerful in combination with the Insulin in preventing complications, such as blindness and other known diabetes related health problems.

Hair loss should be managed in a similar way: combining different treatment modalities to get the best results. These combination therapies are very powerful in combination with a Hair Transplant; they help prevent the complications of MPB (Male Pattern Baldness), and help optimise results, like density and a natural looking head of hair.

Remember that hair growth, like any other tissue, takes place on a microscopic level, and optimising the conditions for optimal tissue growth delivers more active growing follicles in the Anaphase, and will help see your expectations realised.

It really is like the Diabetic... You can decide how dedicated and motivated you want to be, to ensure the best possible result...


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