The HRI Team

The core of the success of any surgical procedure lies with the integrated, professional services of the surgical team. The transplant team, led by the Head Surgeon, forms a clinical unit, combining skills and knowledge from a wide range of clinical expertise, delivering exactly what is needed at the right moment to ensure a successful transplant.


Dr. Sam Van Eeden

Dr. Van Eeden represents Ireland as the only Diplomate of the ABHRS / IBHRS in the community of Hair Restoration Surgeons worldwide.

What is more important than understanding the problem? Understanding how to fix it!

Dr.van Eeden, MBChB BMedSci Diplomate ABHRS IBHRS ALS BLS, is a qualified Medical Doctor and surgeon, registered with the Medical Council Ireland. Dr. van Eeden is the Medical Director and Head Surgeon of the Hair Restoration Institute and is personally managing all Hair Restoration consultations and procedures personally.

His extensive knowledge and skills in skin restoration techniques forms a unique and important aspect in his success of hair transplants.

  • 1986
    MBChM Degree

    Dr. Van Eeden completed his basic medical degree at the University of Pretoria in 1986 and was awarded the degree MBChB. He further completed a research degree in Science and was awarded the degree BMedSci by the University of Pretoria. Dr. van Eeden worked as an SHO in rural South Africa, where he gained extensive experience in General Surgery, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and burn wound management.

  • 2002

    He was appointed Superintended of the Hospital before opening his own private clinic where he worked as the Senior Medical Director until he moved with his family to Ireland in 2002.

  • 2007
    European Society of HR Surgeons

    In 2007 Dr. van Eeden joined the European Society of hair Restoration Surgeons and started his training under the personal direction of Professor NorEldin: Professor in Plastic Surgery. Dr. van Eeden further attended numerous personal training courses and sessions with a number of leading hair Restoration Surgeons worldwide, including Dr. Bijan Feriduni of Belgium.

  • 2010
    Leading FUE Surgeon in Europe

    Moving forward, Dr. van Eeden decided to focus his training in the FUE Technique. He has specialisied in the FUE technique since October 2010, and has qualified to become one of the leading FUE specialist Physician Hair Restoration Surgeons in Europe. Dr. van Eeden further pursued his medical education and followed a strict academic program to prepare himself for the International examination of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

  • 2013
    First Irish doctor to gain ABHRS/IBHRS qualification

    Dr. van Eeden successfully passed the ABHRS/IBHRS board examination in 2013 and became a Diplomate of the ABHRS/IBHRS. Dr. van Eeden became the first Irish Doctor with this qualification and one of only a handful of Doctors in Europe with this International qualification. The ISHRS recognises the ABHRS/IBHRS qualification as the only formal qualification in Hair Restoration Surgery. To comply with the criteria for the examination, the candidate has to present 50 detailed cases performed and list 100 case studies to be reviewed by the Board. Only candidates complying with the highest standard and results are then allowed to do the oral and written examination. This prestigious award is conferred to only a very few Surgeons in the world that distinguished themselves as leaders and ethical practitioners in the field of Hair Restoration Surgery and that passed the ABHRS / IBHRS examination.

    to help people in their hair loss problems

    Dr. van Eeden is the Medical Director and Head Surgeon of the Hair Restoration Institute. He is registered with the Irish Medical Council and is personally managing all hair restoration consultations and procedures.

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The American Hair Loss Association recommends Dr. van Eeden

Many doctors are trained to perform the technical procedure, but those practicing Hair Restoration as both a science and an art mainly achieve outstanding, natural results.

Modern hair restoration has come a long way, and many doctors are now well trained in and by the industry to advise or perform corrective procedures. Hair restoration surgery is much more than a technical operative procedure... It is an art and a very personal matter: a personal creation by the surgeon, using fine surgical techniques, combined with artistic flare and interpretation.

The best way to appraise this lies in the before and after studies, the results achieved, and by personally contacting clients of this particular doctor to get an understanding of expectations and their feelings about the results. Making an informed decision and forming an understanding of what can be achieved and by whom, is indeed a very personal matter...

International standards

Dr. van Eeden and his team at the HR Institute follow a culture of transparency, with a high level of best practice meeting international standards. Interested parties are encouraged to contact clients of similar age and concerns, who had a Hair Restoration procedure performed by the clinic.

Experience and effectiveness

Simplicity of an effective surgical technique is the key when a formal hair restoration procedure is indicated. The background training, experience and fine motoric skills of the surgical team are key to a successful natural result. At the HR Clinic we perform only one procedure per surgeon per day and the surgeon personally conducts all of the procedure - harvesting and transplant. In this way we ensure we take care of the patient's personal expectation and wellbeing.

Excellent results

An excellent result starts with a good and thorough consultation and assessment, along with understanding the expectations and wishes of the client. Add to this a fine surgical team, under the direct care of a well-trained and qualified doctor, and you can expect a very successful hair restoration, with a natural appearing head of hair.

Dr. van Eeden and his team are well experienced in welcoming clients from the USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Brazil and the U.K.

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The Team

Our team specialises in the FUE technique and has established itself as one of the most experienced and skilled surgical teams in the EU.

The Transplant Team

It is generally accepted in hair restoration surgery that the transplant team assisting the Physician Hair Restoration Surgeon is the single most critical pivot on which a successful Hair Restoration procedure rests. The Surgeon is only as good as his team allows him to be.
The Transplant team, consisting of nine to twelve professionals, is divided into two to three smaller teams working simultaneously on different areas of the scalp.

The final stage of your transplant entails the safe transplant of the FUE grafts to the recipient area. The entire transplant procedure is Surgeon led in the HR Institute.

Basic principles respected

The complete procedure in the HR Institute is Surgeon led and ensures the presence of the Surgeon at your bedside for the entire duration of the procedure, from start to finish. You might be surprised that virtually no other clinic will guarantee or agree to this very basic principle; most clinics leave the actual transplant to the recipient area to assistants to perform and the surgeon leaves the operating room for most of this process.

Surgeon present throughout

The HR Institute has a policy of only doing one transplant per surgeon per day, ensuring the presence of the Surgeon in the Surgical Theatre for the full duration of the transplant. Most HR clinics allow for the Surgical Assistants to work unsupervised during the actual transplant phase. In the HR Institute we believe that no part of the procedure is less important or needs less supervised intervention.

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The Technical Assistants

The Technical Assistants' team at the HR Institute are all highly trained and experienced staff. They were all carefully picked in 2010 and have since become an integral part of the success of the HR Institutes' FUE mega session team. They are responsible for the preparation and safekeeping of the grafts and transplant tissue once removed from the scalp.

The Technical Assistants support the Head Surgeon and Surgical Assistants during the FUE Graft harvesting procedure.

We offer professionalism on every level

The Technical Assistants are trained to work under microscopic magnification, to ensure the best possible transplant tissue preparation and preservation. The team has gradually improved in skill, technique and knowledge base over the years and can confidently compete with the best of the FUE transplant teams in Europe. The Technical Assistants team at the HR Institute is able to prepare in excess of 4000 FUE grafts in a single transplant session.

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The Surgical Assistants

The Surgical and Technical Team of the HR Institute were handpicked and trained according to the standard of the ISHRS. Team members attend the International ISHRS conference for Surgical Assistants and different specialised workshops regularly.

Team Members follow an academic training program and are awarded with Diplomas of competence as part of ongoing training, along with a Continuous Medical Education (CME) program within the HR Institute.

All assistants have medical qualifications

All Surgical Assistants in the HR Institute have formal medical training and qualifications. The Surgical Assistants assist the Head Surgeon and Doctors during the FUE harvesting and transplant procedures and work under the Head Surgeon's direct supervision for the full duration of your procedure.

One of the top teams in Europe

The Surgical Assistants team in the HR Institute is only one of nine HR transplant teams in Europe able to graft more than 3500 FUE grafts in a single surgical session; a wonderful achievement for Ireland. We are fortunate to have fourteen trained staff working in two surgical teams. Most of these members have three years or more experience in the HR Team.

The Surgical Team working under the guidance of Dr. van Eeden was originally trained in the FUT strip technique. In 2010 Dr. van Eeden took the lead to specialise exclusively in the FUE procedure. The complete team was retrained in the FUE technique and has since established itself as one of the most experienced and skilled surgical teams in the EU.

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The Administration Team

The HR Institute Administration team is the backbone of our regarded services. Being completely orientated and dedicated to our HR clients and our HR client services, our team is well experienced and skilled in even the finest details of your visit and procedure in our clinic.

Your designated HR Client Service Consultant will make contact with you shortly after receiving your first contact with our clinic.


Clinic Manager

Zelda is further responsible for the training of all administration and technical support staff for the HR Team. Zelda will ultimately ensure your experience in our Clinic will exceed you expectations.


HR Clinic Service Consultant

Sandra is responsible for all reception activities and the appointment book of the clinic. Sandra will liaise with your designated HR Client Service Consultant to confirm all relevant bookings and dates.


HR Client Services Manager

Stephen was a hair loss sufferer himself and had his FUE procedure performed in our Clinic. The results and impact of his restoration motivated him to join our team. You will not only benefit from his excellent client support service, but you will also deal with a person that knows the inside-out of Hair Restoration services from the patients point of view... You can therefore look forward to dealing with him.


HR Clinic Service Consultant

Jenny has in-depth client service support skills and knowledge, and is particularly responsible for looking after all our valued female HR clients. Jenny is completely client service orientated and you will find great confidence and reassurance with her understanding of medical tourism and making sure your experience in our clinic is of the highest standard.

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