About Us

The Hair Restoration Institute offers you the services of the only Physician Hair Restoration Surgeon in Ireland with a formal International Academic qualification in Hair Restoration Surgery - ABHRS/IBHRS.


Who we are

The Hair Loss Restoration (HR) Institute is a scientific and academic orientated Hair Restoration services Clinic, specialising in the FUE technique.

The HR Institute in Dublin is one of only seven clinics in Europe offering mega-session FUE transplants of 3500 grafts in one surgical session.

The Institute offers the latest in Hair Restoration treatments and surgery.
Our Medical Director, Dr. van Eeden is a Diplomate of the ABHRS/ IBHRS and one of only eight HR Surgeons in Europe with this qualification and accolade.
He is the only HR Surgeon in Ireland with a formal Academic qualification in Hair Transplant Surgery.

Dr. van Eeden performs all surgical and medical interventions in the HR Institute.

His passion and quest for the most up-to-date knowledge in hair loss solutions, enables him to spearhead all the exciting research and academic programs associated with the HR Institute.

These studies, along with the groundbreaking research, allow him to offer the finest non-invasive Hair Restoration therapies and treatments. The HR Institute in Dublin in one of only seven Clinics in Europe offering FUE mega-session FUE transplants of more than 3500 FUE grafts in one surgical session. This enables the Institute to offer the same HR services previously only offered by FUT Strip technique.

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Our Philosophy

Nothing less than excellence!

With a strong academic foundation, knowledge is the core of our service.

At HRI we pride ourselves on delivering 360° of hair care. This all round care starts and ends with full focus on the patient's needs, along with an understanding of the specific expectations of the patient.

At every angle of the process we deliver a cutting edge medical service within our comfortable medical clinic. At the core of our service, you are guaranteed to find Ireland's most qualified team.

We achieve our world-class results by harnessing the most up-to-date knowledge in hair restoration, and by offering you an all-encompassing solution in one place.

We acknowledge the right of a client to a safe, professional and skilled HR service to deliver the best possible result.

You'll get nothing less than excellence!

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Safety And Comfort

We followed strict building regulations to build our facility. It was custom designed for medical, surgical and transplant services.

"...For any successful transplant the most important factor is patient safety... ...a Hair Restoration Procedure is a formal surgical transplant procedure and is considered a complex Medical and Surgical Procedure..."
American Board of Medicine (ABM)

Staff working as part of the HR Transplant team, including the Technical and Surgical Assistants, are suitably trained and certified to assist in any medical emergency.

The American Board of Medicine (ABM) considers a hair restoration procedure to be a formal surgical transplant. They state that a HR procedure is a complex medical and surgucal procedure, as it lasts longer than four hours and involves more than one healthcare professional.

You will receive five star treatment during your stay with us. Our dedicated administration staff will be there for any of your needs.

A high level of responsibility is put on the HR Surgeon and his team, with an emphasis on meeting strict International standards in keeping with ABM criteria. The safety of the patient during this complex procedure should be monitored and supervised at all times: before, during and after the procedure.

It is therefore essential that the transplant services be carried out by fully qualified and experienced staff, under the supervision of a suitably trained and experienced HR Surgeon. The surgical procedure should only be performed in a custom built facility, one dedicated to surgical and medical services. Such complex procedures should not be delivered in a general beauty salon environment, or a house conversion where the clinical and surgical environment might be compromised.

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Cost And Payment

The HR Institute aims to offer you the best value for your money, with superior services for competitive proces.

"I've had a number of procedures done in the U.K. and Belgium before attending the HR Institute in Dublin for my FUE procedure. After my research and experience, I found the HR Institute offered by far the best value for money.

The HR Institute is fairly and averagely priced, but by far offers a superior service and result. ...my next choice again."
John B

The HR Institute compete Internationally with Clinics offering the FUE procedure. We provide competitively priced FUE procedures to clients mainly from the U.K., the EU and the USA.

The cost of the procedure will be discussed in detail with you during your visit or online consultation.
A guideline to our cost policy will assist you in comparing and negotiating the best possible value for the cost of your procedure.

Following your first consultation you will be given full access to your treatment plan.

  • A standard price guideline is followed to secure the final quote or price per follicle or per area.

  • We follow a fair price deal for all customers.

  • The same standard price guideline applies to all International and local clients.

  • The standard price guideline is designed to be competitive internationally, as well as within the EU, Switzerland and the UK.

There are a number of factors taken into account when our HR Surgeon discusses the cost of the procedure with you:

  • Complexity of the procedure

  • Number of FUE grafts required - we follow the Industry standard to reduce the price / FUE graft with increased FUE graft number per same procedure. This is discussed in detail with you during your consultation with our doctor.

  • If previous procedures were performed before

  • Complicating factors

  • Availability of surgery over weekends

  • Specific aggravating factors, like very curly hair

  • Type of procedure – high-density eyebrow transplants; complicated scar corrections; receding hairline and restoration of the vertex; pubic hair, beard and moustache transplants and many more procedures all have different price structures.

As a result of the many variables concerning the pricing of your surgery, it is an injustice to create an expectation about the total cost. In general you can expect a basic cost structure of € 3.50 to € 7.50 per FUE graft pending the particular circumstances of the procedure.

Procedure payment

Following your first consultation you will be given full access to your treatment plan. Instructions for the payment of the deposit and the balance are explained in your treatment plan. Once you have considered your options and the procedure, you can make arrangements for the payment of your deposit as discussed.

The deposit

As soon as your deposit has been received, your suggested date for the procedure is secured and scheduled. The balance of the payment of the procedure is agreed with the Administration desk.

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Travel And Accommodation

The clinic is in the middle of Malahide, a picturesque coastal town on the north side of Dublin.

Most of our clients are from outside Dublin. We are very used to our medical tourism clients, whether you are traveling from the countryside of Ireland or from overseas to Ireland; all are welcome.

We have accommodated clients from all continents in our Clinic and our dedicated team is well experienced and trained to see to your needs met in all aspects of your Hair Restoration. In our experience, it is mpost cleints' very first experience of medical tourism. We appreciate the level of uncertainty and insecurity experienced, and can reassure you of our experience in this regard. It is our pure intent and integrity to make your treament experience a memorable one.

Our team of experts will guide you through the complete process and will be able to assist you with all your additional requirements and enquiries.


Our clinic is located conveniently near the airport, only a ten-minute drive away. Part of our service includes and airport-pick-up by our driver, and you are driven to your accommodation and the Clinic. You can forward your flight details to us ahead of time. You will be taken to the airport for your flight back on your request, using our complementary airport service.


Through the years we have set up reliable and ethical partnerships to see all your additional needs met. You and your companion might use the opportunity to have a little treat in a spa or stay in a country castle, or what about a Viking tour in old Dublin or a game of golf on one of our famous courses? We have lots to offer you during your stay.

The clinic is in the middle of Malahide, a picturesque coastal town on the north side of Dublin. Malahide is a popular tourist destination, boasting many shops, restaurants, pubs, cafés and various accommodation options. There is a train station in the centre of the village, making it very convenient to travel to or from Dublin City Centre. Alternatively, the city centre is only a twenty-minute drive from Malahide.

The historic Malahide Castle and Demesne is within walking distance of the clinic and offers a wealth of experiences for the tourist: guided tours of the castle in many languages; tours of the extensive gardens; play areas; tennis courts; 9-hole golf course and an 18-hole pitch and putt course; and a cricket pitch. The castles courtyard has a brand new visitor centre and houses Avoca: a hand weaving retailer, food hall and café. http://www.malahidecastleandgardens.ie/

Guided tours of Malahide and its surroundings are easily arranged from Malahide. Malahide Charter Boat offers exciting boat trips from Malahide Marina to Lambay Island. It is the biggest island on the east coast and supports one of the largest and most important seabird colonies in Ireland. Lambay also has the only colony of grey seals on the east coast, a herd of fallow deer and some wild Wallabies living on the island. The charter boat offers sightseeing opportunities and also mackerel fishing trips. Malahide Toots tourist train is available for tours from the village, along the coast and to the castle.

Malahide beach is within short walking distance of the village, and is a popular beach for bathing and walking. It runs along the coast to the next beach, Portmarnock, which is a three-minute drive or twenty-minute scenic walk from Malahide. Portmarnock Velvet Strand is a blue flag beach, approximately five km in length, and is a popular beach for visitors and locals. It sits just below Portmarnock Golf Links, which hosts many top amateur and professional golf events.

Some of the accommodation at your disposal includes:

The Grand Hotel, Malahide

A centrally located, four-star hotel with restaurants, bars, and spa and leisure facilities.

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Portmarnock Hotel and Golf

Another four-star hotel, located in Portmarnock, the town next to Malahide, only a two-minute drive from the clinic. It has an impressive golf course by the sea, restaurants, bars and a spa. Our Irish football team stays here regularly, as their training field is close by.

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Southdale Bed & Breakfast

A friendly and helpful detached family residence located in Portmarnock, the town next to Malahide, only a two-minute drive from the clinic.

Visit website >

For more options please visit Hotels.com.

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What makes us excellent

The Hair Restoration (HR) Institute is a scientific and academic oriented hair restoration services clinic, specialising in the FUE technique.

Highly qualified surgeon

Highly qualified surgeon

ABHRS / IBHRS qualified and endorsed Physician Hair Restoration Surgeon

Research oriented, FUE specialists

Research oriented, FUE specialists

Academic and research oriented Clinic, giving clients access to cutting edge treatments and solutions. Doctor, Staff and Clinic specialising exclusively in FUE graft transplant method.

Top clinic in Europe, with custom designed facility

Top clinic in Europe, with custom designed facility

First class clinical unit, one of only eight Clinics in Europe specialising in FUE Megasessions of 3500+ FUE grafts per session. High-end theaters, custom built for Hair Restoration Surgical services.

Excellence in patient care

Excellence in patient care

Our lead surgeon remains present throughout the full transplant procedure, unlike other clinics. Personalize before and aftercare.

Competitive proces

Competitive proces

Very competitively priced with Clinics providing FUE graft transplants, offering FUE procedure similarly priced to the FUT procedure in many clinics.

Easy access

Easy access

Easy acccess to Clinic in Dublin, Ireland from the USA, Europe and the U.K., the clinic being 15 minutes away from the airport.

Airport pick-up service

Airport pick-up service

Personal airport pick up available for our international clients.

Medical tourism services

Medical tourism services

Support services well established and orientated towards medical tourism.

Access to a community

Access to a community

We provide contact details and access to clients with similar concerns and who had FUE procedure done in our clinic.